What Should You Put In a Friendship Survival Kit?



These days friendship survival kits are spreading the hit of popularity. There are thousands of online shops that are selling interesting friendship survival kits.


Do you know, creating friendships for survival is not that difficult? Besides, you’re getting the entire freedom to do the customizations. From the colors, themes, and presentations, you’ll get to decide everything. Again, you don’t have to waste some extra bucks for this. In my opinion, I believe if someone makes a kit for their friend on their own, that will carry much more affection.


In this article, we’ll mention everything about the friendship survival kits. If you don’t know what should you put in a friendship survival kit, stick with the writing.


What is a friendship Survival kit?


A friendship survival kit is millennials’ way of expressing their love towards their journey with friends. It is a gift box made with all these cute and meaningful things that can reach your friend’s heart.


These days kids are attracted to these types of kits. In school, you might see kids making their friendship kits for one another. This one is undoubtedly an excellent idea to celebrate friendship.


The friendship survival kit is meant to bring joy and a smile to the person’s face. It doesn’t need to be supreme/expensive. But make sure the things you’ve put in your kit must make your friend feel your warmth. This is the thing that one can carry for their lifetime.


It’s not only that you have to give this kit to your classmates. You can also make one friendship kit for your father/ mother/ granny or siblings. If you pick the right things inside here, the kit can stand as the best gift of their life.


What should you put in a friendship survival kit?


“What should I put in my survival kit?”: the most asked questions. I’m sure you’ve got to give your friends so many unique things.


But, I’ll suggest that you should always keep the kit sweet but simple. Don’t put way too many expensive/luxury gifts. Always remember, each product of the box should carry your touch. If you’re good with craft and arts, try to make something new.


When you’re making your friendship survival kit, the product choosing freedom is more accessible. Different online customization shops provide the option to put all your desirable things in the kit. You can go for those services too. In that case, you might have to spend some extra bucks.


However, here you’ll receive the details of the most popular things that people put in a friendship survival kit. Each of the gifts in the kit will carry a specific meaning. Here I’ll also mention the reason behind putting them in the kit.


Flower: Flowers are always something that enhances relations. A flower carries the meaning of soothing feelings towards one another. You can stick a small note writing” You’re the fragrance of my flower” along with the flower.


Tissue: You can give the tissue to wipe off all the tears of your friend’s eyes. A friend should always stay in one another’s bad times.


Candle: Candles will carry the sign of leading you in the dark. Stick a note expressing your thankfulness to your friend for being your ultimate guide. You’ll find different types of fragranced candles. If you want to go a bit fancier, pick the colorful and fragrant ones.


Smiley face: A smiley face will explain the happiness you get thinking of your friend. Thou might also explain how happy your friend makes you. Stick to something good expressing your gratitude.


Gum: A gum will make her remember your togetherness. During your friendship, you were for one another like glue. The gums also can be found in different colors. Just try to get your favorite one.


Band-Aid: A band-aid is the signature gift for your care. This will carry the realization that you want to heal your friend’s all sorrows.


Rubber band: A rubber band carries the expression of flexibility. So, you can put this gift in your kit. The rubber friend will explain the promise that you’ll always be flexible in any situation.


Paperclip: The paper clip explains your loyalty. It will explain that you two are going to hold one another close for always. No storm will let you both go apart from one another.


Eraser: The eraser will make you remember that you should start each day with a clean slate. Also, the eraser will carry the sign of removing all his/ her bad memories from life. Every day should be a new beginning with the power of erasing every awful thing from life.


Lifesavers: Lifesavers are the famous candy rolls that you can add to your friends’ survival kit. This will remind your friend that you’ll be his/her savior with all the sweetness.


Sticky tape: This thing would be an advisable and naughty gift for your survival kit. This will carry the sign of keeping your mouth sealed with the sticky tape when you’ve nothing nice to say for someone. These unfortunate words will ruin your relationship. It’s better to stay quiet when you’re angry. Stick a tape saying anything nice with the gift.


Jigsaw piece:  A jigsaw piece is an incredible and creative gift to add. This will explain that you both are incomplete without one another. This will also carry the sign that your friend is carrying an important part of you.


Rock: Add a beautiful rock to your friendship survival kit. The rock will be the signature of your stability with one another. This will also mean that you both are unbreakable when you’re together.


Seeds: You can give your friend their favorite type of plant seeds. This will mean the gratitude of seeding all the wisdom in your life for her.


Stars: The stars can be got in different shapes. The stars will explain how your friend has always been the lucky star of your sky.


Small photo frame: A tinny photo frame will carry your togetherness. Pick your favorite picture together with your best friend and print that out. Don’t print that too big as you have to put that in the box.


These are the small things that generally stay in a friendship survival kit. You’ll find one thing similar with all the products. They all are carrying meanings and depth inside them. End of everything, don’t forget to add a note and write some good words for your friends. Try to keep the notes colorful to make the kit more attractive.


How to Make a Friendship Survival Kit by Yourself?


A friendship survival kit doesn’t need anything expensive or rare. This is really easy to make and nice to look at. Here I’ll just mention a few steps to make a beautiful friendship survival kit.


Follow the procedure mentioned here:


  • First of all, pick what you want to put in your friendship survival kit. Here you will also need to notice if your friend is a boy or a girl. Then you can choose the colors/fragrances of their choice. Well, girls mostly like the pink/ red colors. On the other hand, boys mostly like black/ blue. Well, you can choose the color of your friend’s favorite one too. That would be the best thing you can do.


  • Then, you need to get a good box. You can simply make it using the cupboard, colors, glue, scissors, and scale. Watch some DIY videos online on how to make a cupboard box. But, try to remember what things you’re going to put on there. So, you must choose some well-shaped boxes.


  • Get some tissues / colorful papers to wrap all the gifts separately. These will give individual packaging in the boxes. Wrap the gifts and keep them in an organized way in the box. Well, you can pick different colors of wraps.


  • Get some colorful paper and sticky notes to write something good for each gift. You can explain your reason for choosing every gift. You can even write a letter about your friendship survival journey. Put that in your box on the side. This will carry an extremely fantastic ambiance to your kit.


  • Get a fancy and colorful lace to bind your body. This will give you a pleasant and beautiful touch on the gift box.


These are the easy steps that anyone can follow. Even teenagers or toddlers can easily make their own friendship survival kit. If you’ve got not enough time but money, go online and pick your favorite kit for your best friend.


When Should you Gift Someone a friendship Survival Kit?

Well, some might be thinking that a friendship survival kit is only for friendship day. This is absolutely a misconception. Friendship kits are suitable for gifts for any other occasion.


Even., it’s not necessary that you need to have a friend of a similar age to give this beautiful thing. You can give the kit to your parents, siblings, or to anyone who is closest to you.


You can give the friendship to your friend’s birthday, anniversary, and friendship day. If you’re going to give it to your father/ mother, parent’s day will be the best choice for gifting the kit.


However, some believe that a friendship survival kit is not for any occasion. You can gift your friends anytime you want. This would be ultimately out of love, and love doesn’t have any special days. This beautiful idea of a gift can enhance your friendship undoubtedly.


So, if you’re thinking of doing something nice for your friend, make/ purchase a friendship kit and gift it to your friend. Sometimes, meaningful gifts are more than just products.


Kids Vs Adult Friendship Survival Kit

Friendship kits are something that can be given to anyone of any age. But the thing you’re choosing to put in the kit should differ from your friends’ age.


If the kit is for a kid, it would be better to keep it small, tiny, light, and colorful. Kids love things that are cute-looking. So, try to spread tints of fun in every gift.


In the same way, an adult friendship with surviving kids will add something more meaningful. You can add some bracelets, ornaments, rings, and lockets for your friend. But don’t go for something too big., The small ring/ bracelet will be nice to wear all the time.


But, if you give the ornaments/ bracelet to a kid, they might lose it. But adults can keep that with them all the time.


These are the tiny things that will make a difference when making a friendship survival kit for a child/ adult. Besides, it would be best if you kept your best friend’s choice in your mind.


Frequently Asked Questions


Question: Is it weird to give your teacher a friendship survival kit?


Answer: No, it’s entirely normal to give your favorite choice a friendship survival kit. A friendship survival kit will carry your love and warmth. So, the teacher is never forbidden to be considered as a friend.


Question: How much should you spend after a friendship survival kit?


Answer: You don’t have to spend excess bucks to spend after your friendship survival kit. Just get a tiny budget and get all these products together. If you make it by yourself, $10 is enough to make a friendship survival kit.


Question: What should you write on the note of your friendship survival kit?


Answer: You can write anything good/ quotes/ your feelings/ poem in your friendship survival kit note. The words should carry meaning and love.



A friendship survival kit is a trendy thing to give your friend. A kit like this carries both wonders and meanings together. The Internet has got many ideas that you can use while making your friendship survival kit.


This article has explained what you should put in a friendship survival kit. Hopefully, now you know what things you need to follow while gifting your best friend a friendship survival kit.


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